Thunderbass 'G'

Thunderbass  'G'

I've been active in the Heavy Metal business since 1987. In those days I started my musical career as a 6-string guitar player in several young metal bands and I had the privilege to play my kind of music with the better musicians of my neighbourhood. In 1996 I picked up the 4-string bass guitar, in order to keep a very talented line up on the roll. I had a good feeling in playing this instrument and since then it was the perfect instrument for me. Always searching and never finding a decent bassist drove me to start playing it myself. Nowadays, I play the 5-string bass guitar. When I am not on stage or in my home studio playing and composing music, I am hanging out at the local scene with some friends.

In August 2005 I married Hilde Cams, a very committed and driven musician. Together we play in several projects. One of our favorite bands where we are playing together is 'Julia And The Smokers', a ROCK coverband. In the near future we will start a home studio for recording purposes. It would be nice to do our own recordings at home. At this moment I play on an international level with the band RAMBLING DICE. After beïng on tour (with FIREFORCE, the previous band I was in) in Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Greece and Cyprus, we expect to see some more stages in Germany, France, England and off course Belgium. I am a very bussy guy and it seems to me 2019 well be an awesome year.